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Working women in India


Women during the early Vedic period enjoyed equal rights and status with men in all aspects. Women were educated and were given the right of choosing husbands for them. As per the recent trends, many of them follow the modern era but many are still on the old tracks of educating women but not letting them to work because of certain paranoid thinking. As per the recent government surveys, it shows that there is a huge decline in the number of working women in India. The reason for this decline are various factors but the main factor that is focused on is the decline in the number of suitable jobs for women in rural as well as urban areas. Women in rural India, are mostly burdened with domestic chores and taking care of the families. They are not allowed or don't get time to work or pursue an employment status for themselves. There are various paranoid reasons for not letting women work for the living as the male members of the families do not like the women to work with other men and think that their basic work is to stay at home and look after the children. Whereas the women in urban areas are somewhat given the freedom to select the career of their choice but still are not given the economic independence. Economic independence gives women a personal independence and at the same time the power of decision-making. Also, the recent 2011 census shows how a marriage affects the women's job on a greater scale. Some people do not feel the need to support women working after marriage. As per the present Indian society, the parents, as well as the society, is widely approving for the employment of both married as well as unmarried girls. Though the educated section of the society is changing their way of thinking and attitude towards working women still the conservative section of the society does not consider women to work after marriage. There is a great change in the basic orientation of female these days. Education and employment have become the main aspect for many women in India. Girls and women in India are probably becoming achievement-oriented candidates and thus having their independent aspirations and trying to achieve those.

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