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The Best way to answer why you left your previous job

As there are no easy questions faced in a job interview, we present a few strategies while tackling this tough question. Discussing the reason why you left your previous job is one of the very sensitive questions you will get asked in an interview. quit-your-job As a matter of fact, the questions about your skill sets or other issues in a new job are easy, but a question about your departure is unpleasant, and you have to remain rooted to mention the reasons to quit your job. When Hiring managers ask "why did you quit your job?" your given answer speaks a lot about your career and personality. It casts its shadows on the loyalty towards a company or the commitment that you have towards your work. The answer determines your cultural fit, the past performance, and the integrity issue.When you quit your job on good terms, it provides the opportunity to show your relationship management capacity.Thus there is a lot at stake in a single question and it is hugely significant that the answer is apt and correct.

Stay positive

Of course, speaking broadly and sticking to facts, despite the old job being awful or unfair is very important.It is extremely inappropriate to find fault or talk bad about the previous management or the company. Speak about your skill set, knowledge, passion to excel, the future opportunities, and business strategies, and do not make it a personal issue. Discuss how you will help the company to achieve its goals.

Be factual

Also, tell the truth, and express your desire for advancement. Highlight the accomplishments and seek fresh opportunities for continued growth with the present company. Do not deal with the environment which you had faced as it is irrelevant now and can cause harm by showing you as a negative person.Together with this express the fact that you wish to learn and develop your skills in the future.

Highlight the learning experience

It is important that you should not perceive that the past job removal is a black mark in your career. There are reasons behind all professional actions and tell them what happened.  Own up to your mistake, and then discuss, what the learning received from that experience. Tell them the fact that you wish to be a better employee.


The tone you use is very important while discussing the reason what made you quit your job. Practice and rehearse the answer, sound natural and be comfortable answering the question. Career transition is done for a reason and looks that this interview makes you a perfect candidate for the job.


Show them that you are not running away from an opportunity, and can leave situations on good terms with others. In addition, tell them that you want to take a new step in your career. With these strategies, Answer the question "why did you quit your job?".If you are confident the win is not far.

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