Students returning from abroad find getting jobs in India easy: IC3 Survey


Career counseling abroad trains the students well for their future compared to the Indian counterparts.
The International Career and College-Counseling Conference was held at JW Marriott New Delhi. The focus here was a study which revealed the huge difference that the good career counseling made for the students’ overall growth of the.
Students from India are not given enough exposure and there is a sheer lacuna in career counseling services. This means that a majority of the students and their parents do not know the career options available currently.

The survey insight reveals that Indian students are not in a position to obtain preference when compared to the foreign students. This was mainly because of insufficient exposure and little counseling at the right time. There is a great need to increase the practice of counseling in the country to help the students to attain a cherished position internationally.
This survey was organized across India and abroad by IC3 in cooperation with FICCI: Students, Industry Leaders, Universities, High Schools and Counselors, and Academic Institutions globally provided their opinions to the survey.

These points emerged from the IC3 survey
• 56 % universities expressed that the students required help from high schools to make the shift from school to college.
• 98 % universities felt that the students needed career counseling at school level
• The focus of universities while dealing with high schools is engaging/ building relationship (58 %) and recruitment of student (41 %)
• 45 % of universities felt that the student enrollment is similar as compared to last year 31 % say that there was a slight increase of 3-9 % during the current year
• While selecting the colleges 35 % students depended on the opinion of parents and 33 % opted for internet research
• Decisions related to Career are stressed about by students and teachers, as per 46 % of educators

Percentage of students opting for various types of industries
The career counseling given in schools/colleges is below the international standards. Students from India are not aware of the several plus points of the vocational courses; 40 % students aim to study science based subjects, like Mathematics, Technology, and Engineering. 22 % go for arts, sports or the entertainment industry, 17 % for medical, and 1 % select business/finance
Today Career counselors are in favor of technology and 38 % students agreed that the career counselors used technology to help them in understanding the options available.
In spite of the political upheavals in the world highly aspired students were unworried. There were more students, with an aim of studying abroad, registering an increase. The preferred destinations to study abroad are:
USA: 45 %
Canada: 14 %
UK: 13 %
Australia: 10 %
S-East Asia: 8 %
Non-UK Europe: 7 %

The students’ transition from college to career needs to be developed considering individual interest. There must be more structured seminars/forums and means to inform them of the range of career options available as per an expert.

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