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The Checklist You Need to Pervade Immediately After Your Interview

I get keyed up every time when a friend walks out of an interview room almost convinced that he has sealed the deal. As my background is recruiting, the foremost question asked to me is, “What I have to do next?” After all, you’re pumped about the job prospect and assume all went well. You certainly want to make a perfect impression and certainly don't want the good vibe to end with an inopportune thank you or an absolute Silence. checklist-after-your-interview So, keeping all this in mind, I have come to a solution - to compose a checklist where you can look up at any time for some action you can take when you know you have almost sealed the deal.

1. Rapture with a swift Snack (or Dessert)

You might feel unconnected but after a long hectic day of interviews, you deserve to have a changeover with a small break of having a dessert or a quick snack. You can take it as a reward for your hard slog.

2. Pen down Important Things That You Discussed

To stay in hiring manager’s consideration a simple “thanks for meeting me” is not just enough. When it’s time to put pen to paper, to refresh your memory just note down a couple of points or even more tailored points that you have discussed with each interviewer before drafting those emails.

3. Put down One Reason you're enthusiastic About This Job Opening

The further step is to find the reason why you want to carry on with the interview process. Ask yourself why you are enthusiastic about this job? Will it only satisfy your need for a career change or Is it the dream company you want to work for? After finding the reason, use it as a guide to communicating your enthusiasm in your notes.

4. Propel Your Note of Thank You

Now finally it's time to write i.e. send the thank you notes. After taking a look at all the above-mentioned steps you will know exactly what you should write in your thank you note and exactly how much time you should spend writing it!

5. Follow Up Properly (From Now For A Week)

Now at this stage, you can do any of two things, either wait till the hiring manager reverts back to you or you can approach in a smarter way by following up. Once you are done with the checklist, feel free to start off where you put a stop on your other job searching tasks. You may never know what is in store for you, so keep plugging away to make your dream come true

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