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There are myths in the career sphere and let us analyze them in detail here: Job-Search-Myths-Busted 1: Age discrimination is raging and results why many people above 45 years do not get a call for an interview or a job. The people nearing 50 years have a tendency to stop trying and they sometimes accept defeat easily. They are out of tune with change, in a fast-changing world. With such a lookout they are not being selected and the reason is non-adaptability but not the age. They must keep up with the times in their profession, adopt new technologies and not think and work as if they are living in the past. Familiarizing with the new means of communication, and efficient ways of doing any task are also very important in these cases. They must be open minded for strategic changes and know the new methods of operation also. 2: The resume helped in getting calls for interviews and created job offers in the past.  Now it needs an update Today Resume writing is considered as an evolving art. Mere updating the resume in a set format and being fact-oriented yielded results in the past, but the same will not work today. a simple update sets the candidate back. Now there is more need of effort and much time has to be spent so that the resume is totally revamped to attain the required success. 3: A uniform type of resume can fit the requirements of different jobs because a covering letter is customized for every submission. Over 95% of all resumes submitted for jobs are read, and the ultimate decision maker judges the candidates on the merit of the resume and not on the Covering letter. The roles and requirements of different jobs are not the same and hence the resumes also need to be different and not the same. 4: The highest qualified candidate gets the job The most qualified person has a fine combination of skills and experience but there is a point in having a pleasant and a culturally fitting personality. Candidates need to be diligent and know the culture and the happening of company thoroughly. The decision to appoint is taken within minutes of being present for an interview and one has to present the best self to be selected.

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