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Tips to explain Employment Gap to your future employer
Posted on: 26 Aug 2017  |   Tags: ,

Getting a dream job in itself is a very intimidating task and if there are any kind of employment gaps in your resume, it becomes even more difficult and challenging. Giving explanation about the employment in a resume is probably the worst nightmares for job seekers. It is a fact that many employees have certain months or even years of gap due to several reasons like health issues, maternity leave, study leave or some family constraints. Whatever be the reason but explaining about the gap in employment on a resume is annoying for many people. There are many changes that have been taking place in the recruitment industry and many employers have stopped asking about the employment gaps. But the job seekers, on their part, should always be prepared in explaining the gaps in their resume. So being a job seeker how would you positively answer the question? What convincing reasons would you present in front of the employer? Below are the five tips that have been elaborated in order to make you interview ready Emphasise on why you left the previous organisation Instead of stressing on the employment gap focus on the answer of why you left your previous organisation. There might be many reasons like company issue or some personal problems. Whatever be your reason answer confidently and convincingly. This answer would probably make the employer confident in recruiting you rather than being put off with the real employment gap. Make a positive statement about leaving your job Statement once spoken creates an impression in one's mind within a fraction of seconds, it can be good as well as bad. So, think before you speak. Even if you left your company due to some conflict with your senior management, don't put light on such incidents in front of the interview. Make positive statements while speaking about your previous organisation. Do highlight if it was a conscious decision Sometimes employees leave the job voluntarily for studies or maternity. Taking such gaps in the western world is common and taken in a positive way. But this positive chord is yet to strike among the Indian employers. However, as per the current job market scenario, perspective towards short breaks are changing. So, if your decision towards the gap was a positive one then do highlight it in front of the employer backed by a solid acceptable reason. If there is a right intention and relevant purpose towards employment gap, then it would definitely be accepted by the hiring managers. Activities undertaken during the gap As mentioned earlier, if you have taken the gap for some specific purpose do mention and elaborate it. Every experience counts. You might have chosen to volunteer or work for an NGO at a remote village or must have taken up some professional course to further enhance your skills. Be honest and straight forward Do choose to remain honest. Hiring managers taking interviews have years of experience and they get a hint if you try to bluff or say any kind of lie. So, if you have an employment gap, then be honest. There might be many other situations that might have led to the termination of your job. In this case, your honesty would be appreciated, and this move would land you up in your next job.

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