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Top skills in demand in India

Top skills in demand in India


The job market in India recently saw major changes. There were massive layoffs that hit the headlines. To stand in this competitive world a person should possess the basic skills that are in demand in India.

Tech Democracy IT-Skills-in-Demand   The democratization of technology has become the essential factor of every business. In this era, every business has realized that they should remain competitive. For this, they need to invest in building a strong team that possesses the higher technical knowledge and desired skills and talent. The team of a business should have the quality of finding ways and solving problems, delivering better products and at the same time reducing cost. Open to Challenges Challenging-skills A company would like to hire an employee who has faced some challenging job in his previous career. Don't look out for easy jobs in your career, rather look out for some interesting roles into technology start ups where you may be exposed to new things and can learn new skills. Anti-gig economy Anti-gig-economy   Task-based projects these days are outsourced to freelancers. Companies expect from the permanent employee that through their skills they should contribute towards the company growth. The rewards for the employers are higher if they offer high creativity and analytical skills. Mixed team focus team-work-skills There is an increased significance on teamwork over individual brilliance. Develop your verbal and written communication skills, analytical skills, soft skills and learn to work in a complex environment. Companies realize that a good team can contribute to the development and growth of the company. A person should not think as a single individual but should think as a team for high performance in work. Cultural fit in Cultural-fit-in A candidate to perform well in a job must be happy and should fit in the culture of the company. A company would not simply pay a person who is showing least interest in work and is totally unhappy with the work and environment. Stability In the earlier day's stability in job used to mean finding a big brand company to work and get settled for a lifetime. But these days stability means as long as you are flapping your wings against the winds for different employers. The way you stay and work for different employers expresses your stability for a job. Latest technology As there is a great development in the technological innovation these days, candidates should be well aware of the latest technology and should have the knowledge of basic software. These technologies reduce labour costs and time for processing the work.

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