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Lessons learnt while quitting a job without having another in hand
Posted on: 26 Aug 2017  |   Tags: ,

Well, there is a fundamental rule every professional is said to follow while having a stable job is that you should not quit your job without having another lined up. However, for some people who have other plans in their mind and who are helpless at times, the decision of leaving, without a job in hand might be an adventurous idea or an enriching one. Being a professional for more than 8 years now and have experienced different work culture, I have emerged as a person who knows what my next step would land me into. I have worked into different domains and experienced people of different mind sets. Through my different experiences, I have not only matured as an individual but have grown professionally as well. In my short and changing career phase, I faced everything, right from company politics to being a victim of Queen bee syndrome to quitting a well paid and stable job that too without a backup plan. This may seem fascinating to many, but there are various positive as well as negative side to it. However, I would like to focus on the negative aspect, as quitting a job without a backup plan helped me to learn many things. While this might not have been wisest decision of my life but it did teach me many things and also how to be strong and cope up with things. Uncertainty can be exciting This uncertainty for me came as a welcoming change. Somehow, I felt that this change might bring some alterations and prove to be fruitful. It would take me some time to take up another job but I would not find it difficult or stressed out. I would sincerely confess it was an anxiety stricken time of my life but at the same time most exhilarating time as well where I was not required to follow any kind of routine. This period proved to be exciting and enthusiastic for me. It's all in your mind, how you mould and prepare yourself is important. Prepare yourself on a positive note. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone It is very true as I myself have experienced that. Living in a metropolitan city on your own and that too without a job is a bit difficult. You get a habit of getting your account credited every month when you are in your job and you start planning to manage your money for the whole month. Now no monthly salaries and you have to exist on your savings. We at that time start figuring out how to manage the money well and to do least possible unnecessary expenses. We get to overcome our worst fears of losing our job. Apart from our regular job search we focus on our hobbies and try to do new things. Your Career doesn't define you We all have a typical tendency of defining ourselves with the professional tag we have. A person is defined by his character, attitude towards life and people. Life is not all about careers and occupations. Our job is what we do, it isn't who we are. Initially I used to explain people about my decision, then I started realising that there is no need of that. Quitting the job was my decision and I don't think so it should matter to anybody as long as I am not depended on anyone for my expenses. I would not suggest people to do such things like what I have did of quitting the job. But if such situation arises try to tackle it positively as it is also a part of life. During this phase I learnt a lot and this decision made me bold and learnt to face and fight against the odds that professional life can throw at any time of your career.

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