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Is accepting a counter offer better than a Job Change?
Posted on: 02 Sep 2017  |   Tags: ,

Many candidates these days serve for a shorter period in a company. For acquiring a potential job, they surf a lot, go through several jobsites, apply for various jobs and send the resume everywhere. As soon as they get a better offer and job that offers green pastures, they don't give a second thought before they dive into it. Now the time comes to say goodbye to the current organization. When a candidate applies for the resignation and is serving the notice period, suddenly a mail pops up from the HR stating a counter offer from the organization as the current employer wants to hold him/her back. Here the candidate gets confused and thinks what to do next? Lets get a detailed Savoir-faire Whenever a company decides to recruit an employee for their organization, they have to go through various procedures. A recruiter needs to search for the candidates, fix a day for the interview which includes scanning and interviewing hundreds of candidates before finalising for the suitable candidate. Employers put much of their effort to train people and at the same time retain them. After resigning from a job, receiving counter offers from the employers is very common. This is the procedure that every industry across the globe goes through. Since hiring is a very monotonous process, an employer usually tries to retain the existing candidate. Types of counter offer: Counter offer is usually put forward when the employer wants to retain an employee. There are two types of counter offer that you would come across: 1. Economic/Financial This is best counter offer made by the employers. In this usually, the employers would increase the compensation a little more than what has been offered in your new job. Sometimes they would also increase according to the terms and policies of the company. 2. Emotional This part is not related to the financial aspect of the company. In this case the loyalty of the employee is taken into consideration. The employers manages to tempt the candidate by offering him a higher position or a promotion by offering a better future prospective. What should be your decision? Well!! When good offers are kept in front of you, a feeling of temptation pops in. You might start feeling that you are very valuable for the company, that is why the organization wants to retain you. It's true that at present you are an asset for the organization as it may cost more to replace you than to keep you, specially when the company is in need of the resources. Promoting you or increasing your salary is the another trick of the HR to keep you within the organization unless you become a superfluous candidate. Accepting counter offer may not be the right decision, because of the following reasons: Loss of Trust: Once you have resigned from the company and chose to accept the new job offer, clearly indicates that due to some aspect you are unhappy with the organization. Even after you receive the counter offer, it does not guarantee that in future you won't look for the new offers. No Change in your actual take home pay: You might have been provided with the better compensation, but that extra bucks are simply the money that might have been allocated for your next bonus or raise. Burning Bridges: If you decide to stay with your current company, chances are there that things might not work as accepted or promised by the organization. As you have already turned down a better opportunity that had come your way, this would lead to a burning of bridge with the company that would have been a better fit.

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