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Boolean Search in Candidate Recruitment –at a Glimpse

For vacant positions, most of the businesses look for new candidates and vice versa. To search for best possible talents Boolean search can be a powerful tool for sourcing of candidate. Nowadays recruiters are taking help from job boards and other social recruiting channels as an alternative for Google Boolean sourcing which can’t be neglect. Boolean sourcing can be one of the best ways for recruiting new possible talents. Searching on Google is a disbelieve by Experts at times. Anyhow the eventual results which you get are of influence according to the need of the recruiter. boolean-search-recruitment Literally, the opportunities are found by Boolean sourcing on Google just by typing the information in the search bar at any time, by anyone and from anywhere. Initially finding the right candidate seems to be pretty simple with the help of keywords but the reality is contrary. Since Google is such a massive search engine, you need to have good navigation knowledge to find good talents by using Boolean search.


The term Boolean comes from the inventor of the method George Boole. In his theory, he proposed that the arrival of most outcomes is through a series of logical choices. According to him our human brain also works naturally by using Boolean search. For example, The recruiter says that he needs an experienced person in technology and management but not big data analytics. Now there are tricks that can improve the searched results. For an excellent Boolean sourcing, it is essential to have a good knowledge of using the right keywords and have knowledge of separating them with other operations. Boolean sourcing techniques are not restricted to only one search engine. The term Boolean define the process of combination of keywords with other words called as “operators” which informs the search engine to use keywords for searching methods. The examples of operators are AND, OR and NOT. To get only the information what we actually need and avoid the unnecessary info you can cut through the websites and profiles for a speed access to next candidate through apt Boolean search in recruiting. Boolean sourcing demands much time and contemplation. It supports you to control what you can. It avails the recruiter by defining the kind of the desired candidate in a search. To become a possible cash cow for your organization uses the right keywords to find the right candidate.

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