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In all careers, there is a time where the candidate thinks of leaving.  Quitting your job is a tough decision, which may, or may not happen, because of an Introvert Leader. Passion, time, energy and dedication, are given to the place of work and to the job you do.  If you feel that there is a proper time to quit your job, then the answer is yes. The point to think in this case is to be as dispassionate as possible. There is no dearth of Career opportunities to pursue. There are several reasons, but we list some of the prominent here. career opportunities 1-    It is a case of not fitting or being out of step, and the reasons may be many, you are neglected, not supported, or do not get invited to lunch. 2-    You do not click with the management.  There are issues between you and your immediate manager or superiors. You are not tuning or working together well. In such a scenario getting promotions or retaining the job are tough and demanding. 3-    When there are negative things like lack of growth, or nothing new or promising in sight, nor any new project/promotion happening you are bound to slide back. In fact, it is a waste of precious time. 4-    When you do a career limiting move it is unlikely that you will be forgiven for such a deed. Restoring trust is tough, and odds go against you. 5-    When the office environment is dysfunctional, and there are instances of weird behaviors, sabotages, distrust, illogical rules and inequality. Such a place does not allow staff to flourish or grow. 6-    You feel that it is over, - done and dusted.  There is staleness and nothing good or new to do. Even when the decision is tough one has to make it. Do not be afraid to leave and quitting should not be seen as a problem. An exit strategy needs to be put in place and followed. It will be refreshing and surprising and will help you to feel better. The points to consider next are Do not quit a job without another job offer in place. Be clear about going for a job search. Update your resume, put in extra features if you have gained knowledge, skill or experience in a given field. Update your Linked In profile Make relationships with recruiters and hirers. Activate and expand your network Get connected with targeted companies. Schedule a time for a job search and do not do it on the company time. If you feel it is time to go, follow your heart. Such a decision need not be agonizing or unhappy. Jobs hiring happens, and good companies search for good candidates. We, at our Blog, give advice to the candidates on Career strategies, in a professional manner, and help all the candidates, to come out of this tricky situation. Think now think fast and realize your hidden potential.

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