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Steps to take when an Employer does not call back

Most of the candidates appear for an interview for a job; they are well dressed and have prepared using good research, background, and knowledge of their employer.  They answer the tough questions impressing the interviewer with insight. They are confident waiting for the job offer. Then the delay happens. Even after weeks pass by there is no response, causing worry and panic.  When an interviewer does not care to call back, these are the things to consider. Reasons-for-Not-Getting-the-Call Reasons for Not Getting the Call Long process: Firstly the interview and hiring process is time-consuming. When the position created is new it requires logistics and extensive Coordination. Additional planning steps are required. There are official engagements and vacations to be taken care of. Sometimes there are behind the scenes discussions about the candidate and the duties to be entrusted to him/her. There are also a few reservations to be thought out. Features and points to decide: Salary adjustments, staffing pattern, job duties and the presence of many qualified applicants have the potential to create a dilemma. The best option is to remain patient and give due consideration to the human factor of taking a decision. Acts To Perform Send an email: The best advice here when a candidate has not heard back yet is to remain reasonable. The acceptable step to take is to give a Follow-Up brief telephone Call, send a message to the interviewer, or despatch a well-written short and relevant Email. The recipient needs to be the first hiring manager.  Be prepared and courteous all the time. What happens next? This type of reiterates your interest in the post and enquires about the decision taken in this matter. It serves as a reference point and refreshes the name in the mind of the hiring contact. Use this occasion to ask for feedback about the status and on the interview given. Occasionally, a person will spend some time and give valuable advice. Sound grateful and learn from this experience. Timing is very significant as it should not be early. The point is to show an interested in the position. Is it good to wait? Waiting for 10-15 days after the interview is conducted is ideal. This time is required by a company to check the references and contacts. The point here is to be an optimist and never lose hope. Keeping calm, maintaining professionalism and continuing with the routine is advised here.

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